Pelikane Software logístico

An online platform that connects
retailers, ogistic operators and
customers in real time.

A solution to...

Simplify, speed up
and boost your sales

Transform your logistics with an online platform designed for your business to manage all your shipments and communicate with your logistics operators

It’s all advantages

Benefit from the advantages of working with all your logistics operators through a single platform

Unification of processes

Real time information

Advanced reporting

Optimization of processes

Indicators and reports


Conection with the client

Route analysis


Work with everyone

We build a network of carriers evaluated by the costumers, so you can choose who to work with. All logistics operators will work on the same platform that will allow generating logical information flow and minimizing incidents.


Work with all your logistics operators as if they were one thanks to their integration in the platform.

Integrated management

From the search of logistics operators to management, including your own fleet.

A single protocol

Control your logistics unifying and action guide. Define the procedures an all your operators will be aligned.

real-time information

Know in real time the distribution status of your products and incidents, and react with speed.


Offer your customers real-time tracking of the status of their orders from origin to delivery.

Incidence management

Centralize and manage from a single platform the entire incidence handling process.

Analytics and Reporting

Get quantitative and qualitative information related to your shipments and analyze their performance.

We customize the platform
to your business needs

Let us know how you want to work, and we will implement it for you


Configure and customize the platform to suit your business procedures.


Adaptable to the structure of your business, products and order system, as well as the status of the delivery process.


Adapt the platform to your processes and integrate it with your other management applications

Connect with your clients

Optimize your system and your sales by being in contact with the client


Establish a communication channel with your customers and obtain qualitative information on their degree of satisfaction.


Automate the control and management of all orders immediately and get valuable information from the customer.

Improve and save costs

Detect points of improvement through our messaging and survey systems and save costs.

Reduction of
administrative costs

Optimize your logistics costs by benefiting from the best rate and quality service for your shipments.

Customer support

Communicate swiftly with your clients and logistics operators and optimize processes and service.


Reduce costs and increase efficiency by automating your logistics processe.

Save time

Avoid hundreds of documents. Control your logistics from a single interface and save time.

Data, data, data

Add value to your commercial and management work with our analytics.

Complement your
sales information

Analyze the state of your business with our advanced reports and plan the appropriate action plans.

Communicate in an agile way

Talk to your customers and logistics operators to improve your processes and optimize your service.

Know the opinion of your clients

Make better decisions based on the qualitative information obtained from your customers’ degree of satisfaction.

Any questions?

You have doubts? We help you solve them by answering the most frequently asked questions.

What information will I have in real time?

At allt imes you can know the status of your shipments, if there have been any incidents with the service, see the pictures taken by the installers, etc

Can I unify several logistics operators?

Of course. One of the main advantages of Pelikane is precisely that it allows you unify all the logistics operators and after-sales service in a single platform. In this way, your management will be much more agile and easy.

Are my logistics operators obliged to work with the app?

Not at all. Of course, communication and management of shipments will be smoother and more convenient if your logistics operators also manage them through Pelikane. However, if they decided not to do so, they will always have to option of updating the status of the services through the web platform. We can also study possible ways of integration with their computer systems.

I have my own fleet of vehicles, can I mange them through Pelikane?

Of course! In addition, int his way, you will have a fully integrated management.

How does communication with my logistics operators work?

All communication related to the management of service is always done through the Pelikane platform. Forget about email chains, phone calls and spreadsheets to specify the details of shipments.

How does communication with my clients work?

You decide how and when you want to communicate with your consumers. For example, you can decide to send them an email when their purchase is confirmed, an SMS when the delivery prior to theirs is completed, etc. Your consumers will have a page available to track their orders. Additionally, you will have the option to configure a survey for the customer at the end of the service.

They already trust Pelikane

Our customers are our best guarantee. They already trust us …

With the experience of…

Vasco Catalana Group is a multinational transport and logistics company that covers practically all the activities that make up the logistics chain.

We not only provide service but we advise and design custom projects. For this we have an extensive network of our own offices in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as correspondents in the rest of the world.

We are a group of technology experts invested in the logistic processes of today, that has created digital solutions adapted to the needs of each company.

Our mission is to facilitate the logistic management of our clients through digital products that offer agile and customized solutions to their daily problems.

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