Pelikane Software logístico

An online platform that connects
retailers, logistic operators and
customers in real time.

A solution to…

Transform your company’s

Reduce costs by speeding up your processes and boosting your sales.

Functionalities designed
100% for your company

Improve your shipping operations, reduce costs and control the delivery of shipments from a single platform.

Adaptable to your business

Adapt the platform, including the drivers’ mobile application to your processes, and integrate it with your other management applications.

Work in real time

Control in real time each shipment and incident from a single interface and react quickly and effectively.

Analyze reports

Take advantage of the knowledge of the degree of satisfaction of your customers to detect points of improvement and boost your sales.

Communicate in
an agile way

Communicate with your customers and logistics operators to improve your processes and optimize your services.

Access the transporters’

We create a network of carriers with consumer ratings, so you can select who to work with.

One platform for all
your carriers

Implement a single work system to operate in the same way with all your service providers.

Simple and adaptable

To the way you work

The platform takes into account the way your business works.

Create your own shipping forms linked to your product sample and enjoy delivery and assembly services according to your products.

Effective and profesional

Data of interest for your business

Consult at all times the status of shipments, as well as incidents to resolve them immediately.

With Pelikane you will be able to know the efficiency of the delivery, the monthly growth of shipments and the segmentation of these by type of product.


An added value for your customers

From your computer, Tablet or smartphone – the device doesn’t matter – our top priority is your customers’ and your peace of mind.

You both will be able to know the status of the shipment at any time in a simple and agile way.

Everything solved
in a single platform

Manage all your processes through a single platform easy to use.

List of shipments

All the information about each shipment order is integrated in the same platform which guarantees maximum transparency and convenience.

Detail of a shipment

The information offered about the shipments will allow you to efficiently track them from the moment they are collected until delivery.

Tracking and surveys

Know the status of shipments and measure the satisfaction of your customers wit the transport service.

Optimize your route

Maximize each route to minimize expenses and improve your service.

Improve your logistics operations up to 30% by optimizing your daily routes. Save driving time and increase productivity.

Reduce the risks of logistics operations by automating the planning process. Increase efficiency thanks to artificial intelligence.

Optimize distribution routes based on volume of products, geographical area or weight. Make your logistics smarter.

Download our app
for logistics operators

Simple, intuitive, attractive, usable and functional … Do you need more reasons?

Receive all deliveries
in one place

Control the shipments of your customers and receive them in one place.

Order your deliveries as you want

Organize all your deliveries when and how you want well through the map, by order of entry or manually.

In real time

Keep your customers informed in real time of the status of deliveries, notify incidents, delays in deliveries, etc.

Fly with Pelikane

We offer customized solutions for more efficient transport logistics.

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Unify processes and
build a data base

The implementation of a single work system will allow you to unify the way you operate with all your service providers.

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Managment of
optimal freights

We offer an optima solution for efficiency management of freights in the distribution and transportation of goods.

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Determining optimal

Reduce costs and improve your service by optimizing distribution routes by ordering destinations on the fastest route.

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Vasco Catalana Group is a transport and logistics multinational that covers practically all the activities that make up the logistics chain.

We not only provide service but we advise and design custom projects. For this we have an extensive network of our own offices in Europe, Africa and Asia as well as correspondents in the rest of the world.

We are a group of technology experts invested in the logistic processes of today, that has created digital solutions adapted to the needs of each company.

Our mission is to facilitate the logistic management of our clients through digital products that offer agile and customized solutions to their daily problems.

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